Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA

  • Outpatient Treatment Program

    We can help with a wide variety of emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. Our highly skilled and compassionate staff includes licensed clinical social workers, licensed social workers, licensed professional counselors, nationally certified mental health counselors and psychiatrists. Learn More

  • Adoption Services

    Pressley Ridge is a state-approved, licensed adoption program. As a Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) affiliate, the goal of our adoption program is to offer multiple services to meet the permanency needs of children and families while working one-on-one to build and maintain strong relationships. Learn More

  • Focus on Children

    Focus on Children is a four-hour seminar offered by Pressley Ridge to help educate parents about the needs of children who are experiencing transition as the result of custody action. Learn More

  • Deb’s House

    We are here to help families who are experiencing a crisis. Pressley Ridge operates Deb’s House, a crisis and respite service for children and youth who reside in Lancaster County. Learn More

  • Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Program

    The primary goals of the Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Program is to encourage and support teens to stay in school while teaching them to have healthy pregnancies and to deliver healthy babies. Learn More

  • Pathways

    The Pathways Program is a holistic program dedicated to provide specialized treatment, intensive supervision and aftercare services to adolescents who commit sexual offenses and their families. We recognize these behaviors are learned and can be controlled by the individual. Learn More

  • Common Purpose Groups

    Our highly-skilled and compassionate staff offers group therapy to effectively help with a wide variety of emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. Learn More


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September 2014
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Labor Day


September 3, 2014All Day

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International Literacy Day


September 8, 2014All Day

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Central PA TFC Open House


September 15, 2014

Pressley Ridge York
141 E. Market Street
York, PA 17401

When it becomes necessary for a youth to be placed outside of his/her home, Pressley Ridge offers treatment foster care service. A professional parent is a highly trained treatment foster parent who provides care for a youth in his/her home. Please attend one of our monthly walk-in information sessions that is held every 3rd Monday at 4pm at 141 E. Market Street, York, PA 17401.

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Family Health & Fitness Day


September 29, 2014All Day

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Child Health Day


October 3, 2014All Day


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